Refugee Friends Scheme

During the creation and tour of our new show A THING MISLAID Maison Foo are teaming up with Derby Theatre to develop and test ways of making Theatres more welcoming spaces for Refugees and those currently seeking asylum. More specific info to follow soon on this page but in the meantime here's the project in a nutshell.....

The Refugee Friends Scheme will include:

1. Piloting Talking Birds’ DIFFERENCE ENGINE to deliver captions in English and Arabic during our Autumn tour of the midlands; making the show more accessible for refugee communities as well as d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences. For more information about the Talking Birds' difference engine click here

2. Developing and launching two 'MEET YOUR NEIGHBOUR' events at Derby Theatre and Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester) in Autumn 2018. A creative and welcoming place for refugees and those currently seeking assylum to make new friends and meet the surrounding community.

DATES TBC (watch this space) 

This Scheme is being supported by the Evan Cornish Foundation and Derby Theatre with advice and input from refugees and those current;y seeking assylum, Derby Refugee Advice Centre, Derby Theatre, Journeys Festival and Attenborough Arts Centre.

During this project we are excited to also be working with towards becoming a Theatre company of sanctuary with Derby City of Sanctuary.